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What’s at Your Local Liquor Store?

Deli and Liquor Store Providing Many options of Meats in a BowlLocal Liquor Stores are Amazing

Choosing to go to your local liquor store over a retail chain is always a good thing. You’re putting money into the pockets of a hard-working local, and not feeding into a massive corporation.  For a bottle of wine to round off a romantic night, or a fine bourbon to keep you warm on a cold December afternoon off from work, your local liquor store will have exactly what you need. What few people know is that, quite often, local liquor stores carry more than just wine and spirits. Many local stores will offer a selection of fine cigars, and international non-alcoholic beverages. Some will also sell creatively flavored sodas and unique candies. Here are some things your local liquor store might just have waiting for you to try!

Fine Meats

When consuming alcohol, bread has always been recommended for its ability to ‘soak up’ alcohol, but more recent research has shown that there is greater benefit in bulking up protein instead of bread. This makes some sense – your body breaks both alcohol and carbs into a sugar, so bread ends up in the exact same form as alcohol! Stocking up on a little prosciutto and salami for your evening in or out could be helpful when the world starts to tilt.  Not in the mood for a rich charcuterie meat? A little lunch meat is good, too, and readily available.

Ethnic Cuisine

Granted, what’s available depends on the person or persons running the establishment, but you can often find interesting edible products from other countries. Candies, sauces, dried meats, and paper products are not unusual in any liquor store, but in a liquor store with an immigrant or second-generation owner and operator, you may be able to have a taste of a culture far from home.

Liquor Specials and Recipes

How important is it to you that you know what you’re doing when you crack open that bottle? However you use your alcohol, local liquor stores and their employees will have drink suggestions and recipes that they are willing to share to make your evening better. Because of these personal interactions that the community has with the people that work in the local establishments, most feel that they can trust the people at their local liquor store, and will take recommendations as they are offered.

Deli Specials

Many local liquor stores are a combo deli and minimarket. Here, you can often find delicious housemade salads and sandwiches crafted by hand with love. You can take them home to share with your spouse and kids, just as you would at a larger grocery store. This, in fact, presents another excellent opportunity to avoid going to larger grocery chains: a local deli is in a better position to offer products made from local farms and meat suppliers, supporting its fellow small businesses.

Choosing Mickey’s Italian Deli is a Great Way to Give Back to Your Community

Whether you’re looking for a cultural experience, or just a simple glass of chardonnay, you are always making a good choice by going local. Forming relationships with local business, and then referring them to others is an easy way to spread warm community ties, and protect local economies. With so much more to offer families than just liquor, local establishments will always be around, and always be part of the community, but it’s always good to remember them whenever you have a chance to make them part of a relaxing evening or dinner.

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