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Want More Productive Employees? Feed Them

eating and workingIs your staff slacking off? Doesn’t respect your authority? Or are they constantly wandering out of the office for snacks? Keep your employees productive and happy by doing one simple thing. Feed them! How can food help your employees respect your authority? Learn these top 6 reasons why a catered meal will make your office’s productivity and your likability boost.

1. Brings Employees Together

Hosting a corporate meeting? Delicious food always starts a conversation. By catering your meeting, employees from all over the office will have something to bond over. Let your employees build stronger relationships with each other over a platter of delicious deli sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and more.

2. Clients Will See Your Great Company Culture

Along with letting your staff build better relationships with each other, they will build better relationships with clients. Their positive attitude will bounce through the room and will help the client see that you are happy to be there. The client will see that your employees have a great attitude towards each other and to their business, making it easier to make the decision to work with you.

3. Improves Attitude

Do you have hangry (hungry + angry) employees? Ease their irate moods by offering a spread of delicious food! The occasional catered lunch will help put your employees in a better mood, and in turn, create better work for your business.

Everyone loves a free meal, especially at work. After a long morning, coming into the break room to find an array of delicious treats can help make for a better afternoon.

4. Helps Employees Focus

Ever tried finishing up a report with a growling stomach? Your aching stomach makes it nearly impossible to focus on the task at hand when you are hungry. A delicious and nutritious lunch will help keep your employees fueled throughout the day so that they can hone in on their work with no distractions.

5. Larger Attendance at Meetings

Have an important message to share with your employees, but they don’t show up? Improve the attendance to important lunch meetings by having it catered. More employees will show up and your important message will be heard.

6.You Become the “Cool Boss”

Your act of kindness will help your employees see you as a colleague, rather than just a boss. Free food, snacks, coffee, or whatever you plan to offer to your employees is seen as a perk that makes their job better than their friends’. By offering a simple perk every once and a while, you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your company culture. You can get ready for the slue of high fives that will come your way for the delicious free food that you provided to your newly positive and productive staff.

The simple act of catering your next corporate event, or surprising your hard working staff with a hot meal is guaranteed to make your business better. Improve attitudes and get more work done with a phone call from your local deli to keep your business doing more business.


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