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Top Qualities to Look For in An Italian Deli Cook

Fresh Prosciutto Rolled and Prepared by a Quality Italian Deli CookItalian delis are great for people who want a little taste of italy in their own backyard. From the high quality cuts of meat to the warm bread right out of the oven, the delectable entrees you’ll find at the top delis are absolutely mouth watering. Deli chefs put a lot of care into their craft. They prepare each entree with careful attention to detail and taste. A deli can’t survive on mediocre food. You must give people a reason to enter the door. That starts with the person who prepares the food, the deli cook.

4 Qualities to Look For in an Italian Deli Cook

If you’re planning to eat at a deli or you plan to use a deli’s catering services for an event, you should pay close attention to the cook preparing your food. They should have a fun personality, social skills, and the ability to pay attention to the small details. Most importantly, they should also be professionals. If you find a deli who has a chef with the following attributes, you’re surely on the right track.

1. Deli Chefs Who Follow Proper Dress Code

Chefs should look the part before they even set foot behind the deli counter. If the cook preparing your food wears street clothes while they’re cooking, that’s a clear sign that you should avoid the meal. The dirt and chemicals that attach to clothing throughout the day makes cooking in them unsanitary. It can also dangerous for the chef himself, as the proper attire is meant for their safety as well. A deli chef should follow the proper dress code at all times. Dress codes vary, but depending on where you decide to dine, you should see:

  • Safety Shoes – designed to prevent slipping in the workplace
  • Hair net – Prevents hair from falling into meals
  • Smock – Prevents products from touching clothes and prevents contamination

2. Cooks Should Know Their Products

Deli cooks should know their products well. If you need to ask a few questions about a meal, the ingredients, and how it is prepared, they should be able to answer your questions about the menus without having to refer to a guide. Cooks who display this level of knowledge show that they care about their customers and the food they prepare for them. They’ll even be able to make a few suggestions that will make your dining experience more worthwhile.

3. Cooks Should Handle Their Equipment With Expertise

Have you ever had a sandwich with meat that was sliced too thin or too thick? Slicers are used to cut pieces of meat quickly and efficiently. Proper handling of this equipment not only allows a cook to prepare great dishes, it also shows that they’re operating the machine with safety in mind.

4. Deli Cooks Should Maintain A Clean Workspace

There’s a certain amount of mess that will develop with consistent cooking, especially when things get busy. There is a point, however, when the mess becomes too much. If you notice that the cook doesn’t keep a clean workspace, meaning that there are spilled products and food droppings all over, you should probably go elsewhere for your meal. Cooks that don’t show respect for their own workspace, won’t show much respect when they’re preparing your food.


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