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Top 4 Back-to-School Sandwiches

fresh out of the oven meatball sandwichRemember when you were a kid back in school? Every kid would try and trade their sad peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next kid’s delicious lunch. We want to help you child have the most envious lunch in the schoolyard.

Our delicious sandwiches are a South Bay favorite. Keep reading to take a peek into our deli for the best back-to-school kid-friendly sandwiches.

1. Turkey Deluxe Sandwich

Our Turkey Deluxe is a classic. This sandwich is the perfect lunch for anyone at any age. Stop by our deli on the way to school so your student can sink their teeth into a deli fresh turkey sandwich piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, Swiss and cheddar cheese, and topped off with a kick on pepperoncini. Stuff all of these delicious ingredients in between two pieces of freshly toasted french roll.

Ask your sandwich maker to cut in half and sneak some of this classic sandwich in your own lunch box.

2. Hawaiian Chicken Roll

Although summer has come and gone, the sunny weather in Hermosa stays for good. The perfect way to keep the lighthearted spirit of summer going strong is through our Hawaiian Chicken sandwich.

The sweetness of the pineapple paired with the heartiness of our grilled chicken breast makes for a delicious way to celebrate the end of summer. After a long morning of class, give your student the fuel they need to power through the rest of the day. We stuff the delicious pineapple and chicken with mayo, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and drizzle a helping of sweet teriyaki sauce stuffed in a French roll to complete this summer specialty.

3. Turkey & Ham Deluxe

If you are looking for a healthier choice for your child’s lunch, stop into our deli for a Turkey & Ham Deluxe Wrap. Our deli is Hermosa Beach’s staple for fresh meats. Our Turkey & Ham Deluxe lies on a fresh bed of lettuce with provolone cheese, tomatoes, onions, pickle, and topped off with pepperoncini peppers to create one of the best sandwiches in the South Bay.

Our customers love to make this classic sandwich their own. One of the most popular renditions of this sandwich is to sub our fresh roll for a hearty tortilla wrap. This substitution completely changes up the sandwich, but allows it to stay true to its classic flavors.

4. Meatball Deluxe

This sandwich is also a customer favorite. Although this isn’t your typical lunch-box sandwich, our customers love to make it one. This sandwich is the perfect way to reward your student for their hard work at school. All of their friends will be drooling over the delicious smells and flavors from our Meatball Deluxe.

This sandwich is stuffed with our classic meatballs, smothered in marinara sauce and layered with mozzarella cheese. We can’t forget about the sauteed green peppers and onions that complete this savory sub.

Although all over our sandwiches are completely customizable, we hope that you have enjoyed learning about our top four sandwiches for the school year. Give us a call before you leave the house and we’ll have your sandwich ready for your eager student without the wait! Get to school on time with a delicious and nutritious lunch in your hand!


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  1. Fernando Reply

    Usually a sandwich will have bteween 350-700 calories depending on the size and the condiments. For reference, a Subway roasted chicken 6 inch has about 350 cals. That’s the bread, veggies, chicken, and honey mustard sauce. If your sandwich was close to that size, I would round up to around 450 to account for the mayo. Turkey in general is usually really low calorie. I use Calorie King a lot for random calorie counts, but my fav is MyFitnessPal.

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