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The Perfect Hermosa Beach Grocery Store

blog (22)Hermosa Beach is a city that loves its beach culture. It has a very easy-going vibe. When you are spoiled with the beaches that you can find at Hermosa, you just want to take a moment and relax. We have a big beach volleyball and surfing culture at Hermosa. Walking or biking along The Strand is also very popular. It is so nice to grab a meal or a snack and enjoy it on our sandy beaches. There have been a number of mini markets and grocery stores that have cropped up close to the beach. However, the perfect mini market needs to have specific things in order to work with Hermosa Beach’s culture.


Hermosa Beach is well known for its awesome parties! We know that there are parties every weekend and no party would be complete without some smooth, yet crisp, beer. We know that most parties have a BYOB policy. Make sure you find the kind of beer that you want to share with other guests. The perfect grocery store needs to have a wide selection of different beers, including imported, domestic, and craft beers.

Cold Drinks

When the weather is hot, and you are spending the day playing volleyball or swimming, it is important to stay hydrated. You may not realize how much you are sweating. Your local grocery store should have bottled water, sodas, and other drinks to quench your thirst after a long day on the beach.

Full Meals

If you are heading out to the beach, it may be difficult to quickly grab a meal when you are busy playing volleyball or heading to the waves. You need to make sure that you are getting the food that you need to keep you energized all day. If your grocery store has sandwiches or other dishes, you can take your food to a beach picnic. If you have had an exhausting day at the beach, it is nice to find a spot a short walk away from the beach to enjoy a convenient meal.

Other Snacks

When it comes to a hot afternoon on the beach, sometimes you want to pick up something small such as a bag of chips, a candy bar, or an ice cream cone. Your local grocery store needs to have a nice selection of snacks to keep you satisfied while you are walking on The Strand or enjoying the California sun.

Hermosa Beach has a unique atmosphere unlike anywhere else on the California coast. In many ways, it feels like a small town dotted with a number of small businesses with rich histories. Mickey’s Deli has been serving Hermosa since 1953, and we want to continue to serve you. We have exactly what you need, even if you need basics such as meat, cheese, and bread. We are the perfect spot to work with your lifestyle. Come on in when you need someplace that is convenient and easy to access from the beach. We hope that you enjoy those days on the beach and enjoy Hermosa Beach life.


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