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mini-marketCraving a little bit of Italy? Mickey’s Deli has what you are looking for. We carry some of the best meats, olives, and other products, straight from Italy.

We offer a nice selection of lunch meats, salamis, sausages, capacolla, pastrami, and other fine meats. We have what you need to create an antipasto plate including: pepperoncinis, olives, cheeses, marinated mushrooms, and artichoke hearts. If you want to spice up your sandwich or meal, try our authentic giardiniera.

Mickey’s Deli also specializes in our very own pasta sauce that we can ourselves. So if you want to take Mickey’s home with you, buy some of our jars of sauce. We offer them in quart jars that you can buy individually or by the dozen.

Mickey’s Deli has everything that you could want in a deli alongside its welcoming atmosphere. We have fully embraced Hermosa Beach and the South Bay lifestyle while still offering fine Italian food. If you are feeling adventurous and you want to try something straight from Italy, ask us for suggestions. We are happy to discuss what each item is and what to eat it with. All of our meats taste delicious in our fine sandwiches, and our other deli items are great sides for any of our meals.

Stop by Mickey’s after you finish your morning surfing session or before you go to play volleyball. We have outdoor seating options, so feel free to enjoy the warm Southern California weather while you are eating your meal. Mickey’s also has a parking lot and 15 minute parking spots in front. We are less than a block away from the beach, so Mickey’s is a convenient option for a beach picnic. Just grab it and go! Give us a call or come on in to Mickey’s Deli today!

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