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How to Create the Perfect Italian Sandwich

deli-sandwichA perfect Italian sandwich requires certain elements in order to make the right flavor combinations. We know that we are giving away some of our secrets, but we feel that it is our duty to ensure that every Italian sandwich is made properly. Every element is very important in crafting the sandwich and having quality ingredients is the best way to ensure that the sandwich is as amazing as possible. All of the ingredients have been listed in the order of how you should be crafting your sandwich.

Bread – For the best sandwich, always start with the right type of bread. This is the base for all of your delicious condiments, meats, and cheeses. Your bread will need to be spongy so that it soaks up the dressing, but sturdy enough to handle all of the meats and cheeses with ease. The best kind of bread that you can find for a Italian sandwich will have a crispy outside texture with a very soft inside texture

Dressing – Every Italian sandwich needs to have a nice dressing that soaks into the bread. We create our Italian dressing from olive oil, red wine vinegar, and fresh herbs and spices.

Meats – Having quality imported Italian deli meats is absolutely necessary for an Italian sandwich. You need deli-sliced meat to ensure that you get the right texture. Each Italian sandwich requires 4 types of meat, Salami, Ham, Capacolla, and Mortadella.

  • Salami – Dry-cured meat that has been flavored with garlic and other spices
  • Ham – The ham is perfectly cured and sliced for your sandwich.
  • Capacolla – Italian Pork that has been dry-cured and seasoned with different herbs and spices.
  • Mortadella – High quality cold cut imported from Italy

The combination of meats and spices creates a unique flavor profile and textures that create the hearty flavor of the sandwich. You can only find some of these meats in the finest Italian delis

Cheese – Provolone is the only cheese needed in an Italian sandwich. It has a lighter flavor and a creamy texture that works well with the spices of the meat.

Vegetables and Condiments – No Italian sandwich is complete without shredded iceberg lettuce and bright, vibrant Roma tomatoes, and thinly sliced onions to add some crunch. Something else that is absolutely necessary in an Italian sandwich is pepperoncini. Pepperoncini adds some spice and some tartness to the sandwich that perfectly cuts the heartiness of the meat.

Make sure that you find a deli with the right ingredients in order to craft your sandwich. Or you could just find a deli that sells the perfect Italian sandwich. Make sure that you do not enjoy that sandwich by itself! Make sure you make it a meal with some delicious sides to make it a complete meal.

An Italian sandwich is a thing of beauty and understanding every element makes you appreciate the sandwich as a whole. Make sure that you do not forget any part of the sandwich. Choosing quality ingredients can make a huge difference.


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