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Things To Do In Hermosa Beach On April 2017

As spring has finally started and kids are out for spring break, it’s time to hit the beach. If you are out in Hermosa Beach, located south of Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach, come and celebrate with us at Mickey’s Deli for our 64th year in business. We are...
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5 Tips to Host A Great Fall Party

Summer has come and gone, but the celebrations haven’t! As you know, in SoCal, summer weather lasts forever, as we’ve all experienced this month. As we start to see November on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about fall. Celebrate the ending of our...
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Top 4 Back-to-School Sandwiches

Remember when you were a kid back in school? Every kid would try and trade their sad peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next kid’s delicious lunch. We want to help you child have the most envious lunch in the schoolyard. Our delicious sandwiches are a South Bay...
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Want More Productive Employees? Feed Them

Is your staff slacking off? Doesn’t respect your authority? Or are they constantly wandering out of the office for snacks? Keep your employees productive and happy by doing one simple thing. Feed them! How can food help your employees respect your authority? Learn these top...
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How To: Create Your Own Antipasto Platter

We all need a few dishes in our repertoire that are super simple, but are also super impressive. No other dish fits this description quite like the antipasto platter. It is so ridiculously easy that even the most clueless chef that is afraid of the kitchen can do it while making...
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Travel Guide: Southern Italy

It’s summer which means that you are probably going to be traveling on vacation. It is a great time to go to Italy and see Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples. One place we know you need to stop is Bari, Italy. It’s where our family is from and we are so proud to be...
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3 Essentials for Planning an Awesome Beach Party

Summer is just around the corner! You know what that means, BEACH PARTY! Well, in the South Bay, we are pros at beach parties. Beach parties can be relaxing and fun when they are done properly. They aren’t something that needs to be seriously stressed over, but they do...
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3 Types of Tomato-Based Pasta Sauces

At Mickey’s Deli, we want to provide the most authentic Italian flavors to the South Bay. We feel that we have brought Italy to the heart of the Beach Cities. We love making Italian food and inspiring people to cook their own. This is why we offer Mickey’s Famous...
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The Perfect Hermosa Beach Grocery Store

Hermosa Beach is a city that loves its beach culture. It has a very easy-going vibe. When you are spoiled with the beaches that you can find at Hermosa, you just want to take a moment and relax. We have a big beach volleyball and surfing culture at Hermosa. Walking or biking...

The History of Pizza

While pizza is generally known to be a classic Italian food, it has gone through quite the evolution to become the pie that we know and love today. Some historians argue that the origins of pizza can be dated back to the Roman Empire and other ancient cultures. Take a look at a...