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our-history-newAfter serving his country during the Korean War, Michael Angelo Mance, nicknamed “Mickey” by his army buddies, came home with the dream of opening his own beachside deli and pizzeria.At the age of 22, he had saved $2000 and took a small loan from his father to open his deli in 1953. The spot quickly became a favorite among local surfers that loved Mickey’s “Sauce Sandwich”, because it was affordable yet delicious.

The spot quickly became extremely popular within the South Bay because of its great location. Just around the corner from the beach, Mickey’s Deli is very convenient for anyone heading out to the beach. Beachgoers love to stop by the deli to pick up Mickey’s unique sandwiches and authentic Italian food. It is the perfect place to enjoy the California sun. Even though Mickey passed away in 2001, his son, Paul, still enjoys carrying on the family’s traditions. As Mickey’s Deli continues to be a local favorite, the deli continues to treat each customer as though they were family.

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