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Before we get to know your family, get to know ours a little better!

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Paul Mance

Paul Mance is the son of Michael Angelo “Mickey” Mance. His father started the deli in 1953. Growing up with his father working at the deli, Paul came to love the laid-back atmosphere of the deli and began working in the deli at a young age. Since Mickey's Deli is a family business, he has worked there with many of his siblings, cousins, and other family members. He loves keeping Mickey's Deli a local family business and he loves keeping his father's traditions of great food and good service.


Gonzalo Diaz

Gonzalo is our amazing general manager. Gonzalo has loved working for Mickey’s Deli for over 25 years. He knows our deli inside and out. He has held every job in the joint. He started working in the deli, helping create our delicious Italian food and sandwiches. He then became the cashier, where he loved working with our customers. Gonzalo now has the best of both worlds overseeing all of the inner workings of our deli.


Agusto Amaya (Gus)

Gus practically grew up at Mickey’s Deli. His mother was one of our main cooks for a number of years. He has become one of our assistant managers. He moved to Texas for a while, but we are pleased that he is back with us in the South Bay.


Jerry Iacono

Jerry is an assistant manager and our amateur sommelier. He knows everything about the wines that we offer. He knows exactly which wines pair well with different foods. Jerry comes from an Italian family so he knows good Italian food and the best wines to go with them.You'll always see Jerry working in the front and he'll answer any questions you may have.


Javier Figueroa

Javier is the supervisor at Mickey’s Deli. He handles much of what goes on behind the scenes at Mickey’s. He has had the pleasure of working at our deli for over 28 years. Javier handles all of the supplying and ensures that our deli is completely stocked for everything in our deli, to our cold drinks, fresh produce, imported products, and all liquor.


Maira "Flo Jo" Hernandez

Maira is our “Queen of the Kitchen”. She is the one that ensures that Mickey’s Deli stays true to its authentic Italian flavors, while adding a bit of a Hermosa Beach twist to some of our sandwiches. She has cultivated and mastered her cooking skills after working for over 25 years in our kitchen. Her passion for cooking is fueled by our customer’s love for our food.


Jaime Zendejas

Jamie has been working at Mickey’s Deli for over 20 years. We love his desire to get those sandwiches out quickly and as fresh as possible. No matter the task, Jamie is willing to step up. You can find him in the kitchen or stocking our liquor store. We love having Jamie in the Deli because of his loyalty and strong work ethic.


Arturo Magana

After working at Mickey’s Deli for 14 years, Arturo has become the Sandwich Master. He has made countless sandwiches over the years. He loves working in the kitchen making pizzas and other Italian dishes. He also helps out in the front by stocking our liquor store.


Trevor Wells

We really are a family deli. Trevor is a cousin of the Mance’s. He has been working at Mickey’s Deli since he was a sophomore, now that he’s our recent RUHS graduate, he plans to head off to California State University Channel Islands this fall.


Kyle Kemp

Kyle is our young blood. He brings great energy to our deli and always brings 100%. He has become a reliable deli clerk. Even as he heads off to college in San Luis Obispo, he will always be welcome back whenever he is home.


George Asmar

George was a regular at Mickey’s Deli for quite a while before he decided to join our team. We are happy to have him as one of our deli clerks. He is one of our newest members, but he already knows everything about our store.


Justin Ramos

Justin is our newest team member, and we are so happy to have him around. He’s a perfect fit for the Mickey’s family. He works the cash register and stocks our deli. He’s only here for the summer, but we’re so grateful for the work he does.


Rob Blee

You can always find Rob with that smile on his face. He works hard to ensure that each and every customer gets the special attention that they deserve. He is a retired police officer from the PV department and we are so proud of the work that he does for us.

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