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Delivery service

3 Trends Changing Restaurants for the Better

3 Trends That Have Forever Changed Restaurants You may think that all restaurants do is serve food, but you’re wrong. There is so much that goes behind serving a plate of your favorite pasta, sandwich, or salad. In the world of restaurants and food service, there have been...
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Platter Of Deli Meat From Mickey's Deli

Love Meat? Here’s a Complete Guide to Classic Italian Deli Meats

Think you know your pepperoni from your capicola? Many people walk into our deli wanting one meat and leaving with another. There are many types of Italian deli meats that look relatively the same. To help you get the best tasting meats in Los Angeles, we’ve complied a...
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Delicious Drink from the Local Liquor Store

Drinks You Can Make at Home to Stay Warm This Winter

4 Drinks You Can Make at Home to Stay Warm with a Single Trip to the Liquor Store El Nino is in full effect in the South Bay and we’re trying every which way to stay warm. No amount of blankets can protect you from the ferocious winds. Your space heater is you right hand...
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Family Sitting Around a Table Eating Freshly Delivered Pizza

5 Reasons to Order Pizza

Hungry? Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Order Pizza From Your Local Deli After a long day at the beach, running errands, and doing all kinds of other activities, there’s only one thing on your mind. Pizza. Here are five reasons you should skip the hassle of cooking and...
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Holiday Celebration with Deli Catering

How Your Local Deli Can Help With Your Holiday Party

The holidays are finally here! Now is the time to gather with friends and family for celebration. Is it your turn to host the family holiday party? Don’t go at it alone. Cater Your Holiday Party With Classic Deli Dishes In the Hermosa Beach and South Bay area, there’s...
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Local Italian Grocery Store & Fresh Deli Meats

5 Reasons To Shop At Your Local Grocery Store

Going grocery shopping isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, but we all have to do it. Schlepping down to the major chain grocery store may be the easiest way to get your groceries, but it’s not always the best. 5 Reasons To Shop At Your Local Grocery Store Just...
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Thanksgiving dinner decoration.

5 Tips to Host A Great Fall Party

Summer has come and gone, but the celebrations haven’t! As you know, in SoCal, summer weather lasts forever, as we’ve all experienced this month. As we start to see November on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about fall. Celebrate the ending of our...
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fresh out of the oven meatball sandwich

Top 4 Back-to-School Sandwiches

Remember when you were a kid back in school? Every kid would try and trade their sad peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next kid’s delicious lunch. We want to help you child have the most envious lunch in the schoolyard. Our delicious sandwiches are a South Bay...
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eating and working

Want More Productive Employees? Feed Them

Is your staff slacking off? Doesn’t respect your authority? Or are they constantly wandering out of the office for snacks? Keep your employees productive and happy by doing one simple thing. Feed them! How can food help your employees respect your authority? Learn these top...
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