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5 Reasons To Shop At Your Local Grocery Store

Local Italian Grocery Store & Fresh Deli MeatsGoing grocery shopping isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, but we all have to do it. Schlepping down to the major chain grocery store may be the easiest way to get your groceries, but it’s not always the best.

5 Reasons To Shop At Your Local Grocery Store

Just like dining to your favorite local restaurant, try shopping at a local grocery store. Shopping at a local grocery store rather than a chain provides both you and your community with many benefits that you may not realize.

1. Keep Money in the Community

Sales tax from local grocery stores and restaurants fund our communities. By shopping locally, your sales tax funds will help vital community services, such as police, firemen, street repairs, trash collections, and more.

Also, local grocery stores are more likely to work with and purchase from other local vendors, keeping money moving in our local economy in Hermosa Beach.

2. Locally Made Products

Local grocery stores often carry locally made, grown, or produced goods. Local goods are often fresher and have less chemicals involved when transporting and preserving them. Not only will this be better for your health, but will help create local jobs.

At our local mini market, we offer a mixture of local and imported goods from our hometown in Italy. Our mini market and deli is filled with locally crafted Italian products, such as pasta sauce, meats, cheeses, and more fresh produce. Enjoy our local Hermosa Beach products, while also getting the best – right from Italy.

3. Discover New Things & Meet New People

Not only are local grocery stores packed with locally grown goods, but also with people from the community. Shopping locally is a great way to meet new people in your community. The customers that you find inside local shops are friendly and are just as eager as you to meet new people and discover new things.

Because the local grocery store offers a variety of local goods, this is also a great opportunity to discover new flavors and foods.

4. Supporting Local Business

When you shop at a local business, your money goes alot further. Rather than shopping at the typical, large chain grocery store, you’ll be supporting a local business, family, and community hub. By switching over from costly supermarkets to your local grocery, you’ll be putting money back into your pockets and into the community.

5. Better Service

Local grocery shopping can translate into a more convenient experience. Often times, local grocery stores are smaller, filled with less distractions, have shorter lines, and are run by a team of knowledgeable professionals that truly know about the products they offer. This combination will result in a better overall shopping experience.

We love Hermosa Beach and bet that you do too. Supporting local restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and more will help keep the city and its residents living in stellar condition. By shopping locally, we will be able to put money into the city for growth and developments.  We hope that you consider these five reasons you should shop at your local grocery store to better your wallet, your palate, and your community.

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