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5 Reasons to Order Pizza

Hungry? Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Order Pizza From Your Local Deli

Family Sitting Around a Table Eating Freshly Delivered PizzaAfter a long day at the beach, running errands, and doing all kinds of other activities, there’s only one thing on your mind. Pizza. Here are five reasons you should skip the hassle of cooking and order pizza.

1. You Just Don’t Feel Like Cooking

Have you just spent all day running around? Taking care of the kids, shopping, exercising, and other daily activities can be draining. By the time you get home, the last thing you want to do is start cooking—especially in the crazy summer heat in Hermosa Beach.

Put down the spatula and pick up the phone! Ordering a pizza on those busy days will let you enjoy some precious time with your family, rather than spending hours in the kitchen. You’ll not only be more relaxed after your busy day, but also your family’s hero for the night.

2. You’re Hosting a Birthday Party for Your Kids

Planning and hosting a children’s birthday party can take a lot of work. Invitations, decorations, activities, goodie bags—your to-do list goes on and on. Ordering pizza rather than stressing over what to cook will help you enjoy your child’s special day. All kids love pizza. It’s a simple fact. The hot, cheesy goodness of a slice of pizza is the perfect way to keep your children’s friends and family satisfied.

Order a classic cheese pie for the little ones, and add some toppings for the parents. Make a classic Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and ham or make your own two or four topping pizza to win the hearts of your child’s friend’s parents.

3. You’ve Got an Important Meeting at Work

Your employees keep your business running at its best. When those big meetings come around, reward their hard work with a pizza party! Pizza not only serves as a reward, but it helps bring your entire staff together.

You can mix, mingle, and congratulate your employees so they understand that you appreciate their hard work. A slice of pizza can improve overall company morale and will help your employees feel valued at your company.

4. You’ve Got A Lot of Work to Do

No matter if you’re a student or a working professional, there comes a time where you have to go above and beyond to get the results you need to succeed. With your stomach filled with cheesy goodness, you’ll be less distracted and more motivated to ace that meeting, test, or presentation.

Ordering pizza requires little effort, just a single phone call or click of a mouse. With this simple action, you’ll be able to have the fuel you need to get your work done quickly and efficiently. You’re already using your computer to do valuable research. Consider ordering pizza valuable research as well.

5. You Just Want Some Pizza

You really don’t need another reason to order pizza. Pizza is delicious, affordable, and easy—why wouldn’t you want it? Whether a cheese-lover or a meat lover, you can customize your pizza to be just the way you want—with little effort. Pick up your phone and place an order for a piping hot, fresh pizza delivery right now.


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