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5 Reasons to Not Go to a Pizza Chain

Do You Have a Pizza Chain That You Love?

Visit Your Los Angeles Italian Deli To Get Delicious Pizza

Of course you do. We all do. That’s why instead of cooking dinner last Friday you decided that it was time to have pizza, instead. Pizza is one of the most, if not the most, popular food in the world. In fact, pizza chains are starting to pop up even in places like Malaysia. It’s a worldwide takeover. You might be realizing though that the ingredients in that pizza aren’t as fresh as you had hoped. That the taste isn’t quite as great as you once thought it was. Not only that, but you’re starting to notice that the pounds are getting packed on hard now. Want a solution to the woes of the pizza chain? Here are five reasons that you should choose your local pizza deli instead.

1. Real Ingredients

Perhaps the best part of going for your local deli over a pizza chain is that they’re going to use actual ingredients that you can pronounce. Too many times today you end up with a pizza that is comprised mostly of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. You don’t want that. You want your pizza to be made of dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings, without any of the bad stuff that you’re going to get from a chain.

2. Familiar Faces

You want to know where your pizza is coming from. When you walk into a pizza chain, you’re going to see a different group of people every single time. If the people are new every time, how can you be sure that they’re going to put the same care into each and every ingredient of your delicious pizza? You don’t. When you make a relationship with your local deli, you’ll know the person who makes your pizza by name. When you’re friends with the person who makes your pizza, you can be sure that they’re going to make every single bite delicious and prepared to perfection for you.

3. More Than Pizza

Your deli has so much more to offer than just pizza. Want to pick up some beer for the night? Maybe you’re making some pasta as well? Sometimes great delis even have fresh produce, side dishes, and delectable foreign treats for you to sample. Instead of making two stops, why not just get everything at your local deli? The reason you got pizza in the first place was the convenience.

4. They Deliver, Too

If you didn’t know already, some delis will deliver their fresh pizza straight to your door. Not only that, but you can get the variety of their entire store, whereas you only get the basics from your local pizza chain. Buying from your local, trusted deli is just the right choice. You get everything you need from a source that you trust.

Get Your Pizza From a Place You Trust

If you’re going to be putting something on your body, you should know where it came from. Where better than from someone you know by name in a deli that you trust? Pizza chains will do anything to increase their profits, including pumping their pizza full of chemicals that will hurt your health. Get a pizza that you can trust by choosing your local deli.


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