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4 Reasons to Support Your Local Deli

Why Should You Support Your Local Deli?

Your Local Deli Would Love Your SupportSupporting local businesses is something that we should all do. Bigger corporations try and come in and compete with local businesses, eventually driving them out of business because they drive prices so low. Unfortunately, as soon as they have beat the local businesses, they start jacking the prices way up because of the lack of competition. This is just one of the many reasons you should go to your local deli and give them the support that they deserve. Want to know the top reasons you should be skipping the chains and supporting local business? Here are four reasons your Manhattan Beach deli should be your go-to for any supplies that you need.

1. Small Business Support is Community Support

Did you know that for every $100 you spend at a local business, on average $68 will end up staying in the community? That’s so much more than a chain, where almost all of the money will go into building more stores in different communities. By investing in a business that will keep the money in your community, you’re not only  helping the small business itself, but you’re also improving the local economy, creating more local jobs and contributing to the success of your neighbors.

2. Support a Smaller Carbon Footprint

By supporting local grocery stores, you’re often supporting a grocery store that has a much smaller carbon footprint than its competitors, meaning that you’re not contributing further to the environmental problems that the world has. This is just one way that by thinking locally, you’re also acting globally to make sure that our children and our children’s children have a great place to call home.

3.  Support Local Jobs

DId you know that 77 million Americans are employed by small businesses, and that those jobs accounted for much more than half of all of the new jobs that were created in the past year were from small business alone? You want to support an economy in your community that’s employing your neighbors and friends. Instead of giving large corporations your money, who are largely concerned with profits alone, making the rich become richer instead of creating new jobs, you’re giving your money to a place that will help grow your community to give more and more opportunities for other small business owners to come into their own. It’s a great way to make sure your children and your children’s children get to be employed when they grow up!

Think Locally, Act Globally

When you’re patronizing businesses, you want to make sure that your money is going to the right ones. By thinking locally when it comes to your money, you’re making the world a better place by supporting your community, creating new jobs to add to the 77 million Americans that are already employed by small businesses, and you’re supporting the growth of local jobs. Expand your community in a way that’s going to be helpful for everyone inside of it, instead of giving it to greedy corporations who are only going to jack prices back up after they run small businesses out of town. Go to your local deli and pick up some things today.


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