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3 Trends Changing Restaurants for the Better

Delivery service3 Trends That Have Forever Changed Restaurants

You may think that all restaurants do is serve food, but you’re wrong. There is so much that goes behind serving a plate of your favorite pasta, sandwich, or salad. In the world of restaurants and food service, there have been a few trends that have completely changed the game. Below, we have outlined some of the most recent trends that are shaking up our restaurant.


It’s no secret that customers are looking for the most convenient options for their dining experience. We all spend our days working hard, and the last thing we want to do at the end of the day is to go out to eat. Restaurants have had to adjust their current way of working to implement delivery into their overall structure.

Many local restaurants, like ours, have found success in this venture. Our delivery of pizzas, pastas, calzones, and more have given customers the ease and convenience that they crave. In just a phone call, you can have your favorite Mickey’s deli dishes at your door—something that many major restaurants do not offer.

Ultimate Convenience

Now, more than ever, customers are looking for a quick dining experience. While delivery is the most convenient of all dining experiences, there are other ways you can be convenient in your restaurant. Offering phone orders or simply speeding up your service are two of the biggest trends in the restaurant world.

People want their favorite foods and they want them now! By speeding up your ordering system or offering a more convenient method for your customers to place an order with you will help increase business and customer satisfaction.

Unique Dishes

It seems like each and every restaurant in Manhattan Beach has their own specialty item or something unique about their food. Some restaurants promote farm-to-table foods while others host  ultimate eating contests—no matter what the makes the restaurant unique, it has shaped what new restaurant owners think about the business. Being good at preparing a wide variety of dishes can be great, but being great at one style of food can be one of your best assets.

Great Reviews

Online review platforms have completely changed how restaurants operate. Now more than ever, customer reviews are huge for business owners. Allowing customers to share their experience in an open forum can be a great way to not only let them make a connection with your brand, but make a connection with you, the business owner. Taking the time to respond to reviews will show customers that you care about your business and that you put your customers first.

How Our Restaurant & Deli Has Changed Over the Years

Our deli has immensely grown over the years. Since our start in the early 1950’s, we’ve been able to successfully keep up with the ever changing trends in the restaurant world, while keeping our signature items authentic. Because of our continued success, we are currently in the running to become the best deli in the South Bay.


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